Slavery in United States

Opinion | Slavery Isn't a Thing of the Past

Who are these modern American slaves? One survivor I met last month in New Orleans, Clemmie Greenlee, had her life taken over by a pimp at age 12. She said she spent years having sex with up to 50 men a day.

It is amazing that we believe that we are so heavily isolated and disconnected from the human trafficking industry. We think that this dirty business only goes in third-world countries. If we were told that there was human trafficking going on this second within the borders of the US, we’d respond with, “No way! Slavery’s been illegal since the civil war!” It is even more surprising when we find that the US is one of the top two destinations for human trafficking every year. Despite the horror in this revelation, it just might a hidden blessing. If the US government notices this atrocity going on inside its own country, it and other powerful governments around the world will be inclined to help internationally in stopping this horrible business.