Esmeralda of the Wolves

While surfing YouTube a few days ago, I somehow found myself watching deleted scenes from the Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction. I came across this one, where I noticed something that perked my ears.

At about time 2:36, Winston “The Wolf” Wolf’s girlfriend calls him “Señor Lobo”.

This caught my attention, because just a few minutes earlier, I had rewatched the scene from earlier in the movie with Butch’s taxi ride and his conversation with the driver … Esmeralda Villa Lobos.

(Start at 1:57)

The scene focuses on her name as part of their conversation. And in fact, a few seconds later, Esmeralda asks Butch what his name means, drawing particular attention to the meaning of names. And would you have it, turns out the name Lobos does in fact mean “Wolf” in Spanish.

Now this might just be a completely random coincidence that two characters have last names that mean the same thing. But then again, this is Pulp Fiction we’re talking about, a movie famously notorious for its many hidden easter eggs!

I do find it odd that I couldn’t find any single mention on the internet about this, given the insane number of videos and articles covering the most random easter eggs in Tarantino’s movies!